How Many Wats Do Home Appliances Require? – ROCKSOLAR

How Many Wats Do Home Appliances Require?

When looking for a portable power station one of the important things to keep in mind is what you will be powering. For many that includes their home appliances, but the question is how many wats do these appliances require. Below we have collected information to help you determine which ROCKSOLAR portable power station is right for your needs. 


Mini Refrigerator  

For a smaller fridge such as a mini fridge, it would require between 50-100 wats with an average of 75 wats. To double check the required amount that your fridge would require there is a label on the back of the fridge that will outline all of the information and in the owner's manual. 



Smaller projectors can range from as low as 50 wats whereas medium sized ones tend to average around 300 wats. To check the specific wattage usage for your projector you can check the user manual. 


Food Blender 

The typical wattage requirement for a food blender is between 300-400 wats, with an average of about 350 wats, which can be easily powered by the ROCKSOLAR Nomad with its high output. To find out exactly how many wats your blender uses you can check the user manual. 


For powering your appliances, we recommend using the ROCKSOLAR Nomad as it has the largest capacity of our power stations, highest output, and to check it out click HERE