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What is a portable power station?

Your demands for electricity in outdoor spaces, remote areas, power outage at home or your company can be met with a portable power station from ROCKSOLAR. Electricity could become a luxury thing if you go camping and vacation in a remote area, or in a power outage situation caused by hurricane, storms, flood, fire , etc,. An electric energy storage device from ROCKSOLAR known as portable power station is composed of a lithium battery pack, an inverter, a battery management system (BMS) with multiple AC 110-220V, DC12V, USB, and USB type c outlets. Portable power stations from ROCKSOLAR are solar ready, can be charged by solar panels, A/C outlets from your walls and car cigarette adaptors, then store the electricity for the time you need it. Comparing with traditional diesel generators, portable power stations from ROCKSOLAR are highly portable, easy to use, super quiet and environmental friendly.

What makes ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Station different from others?

ROCKSOLAR’s design of solar power station focuses on portability, reliability, user friendly, and best value for money. ROCKSOLAR’s portable power stations always are the lightest, more compact and with more power outlets among all the portable power stations with same battery capacity. Four things ROCKSOLAR do to make its portable power stations highly portable, light weight, compact , and highly reliable:

  1. ROCKSOLAR only use high power density lithium battery instead of Life PO4 battery for its portable power stations
  2. ROCKSOLAR only use high efficiency inverter inside its power stations to avoid necessary power conversion loss to maximize the battery power inside the power stations.
  3. ROCKSOLAR’s superior product design, cooling system and BMS technology enable it can fit more battery power in a small space.
  4. ROCKSOLAR only use top quality A+ grade lithium battery cells from its long term top tier lithium battery cell manufacturer partners. 

How long does ROCKSOLAR portable power station hold a charge?

A ROCKSOLAR power station portable can hold a charge up to 6 months with minimum 80 percent of the power remaining. Basically after a full charge, you can leave your ROCKSOLAR portable generator solar power in storage for six months and take it out to use it right away with 80 percent power still inside it. However we do recommend that you give a quick charge to your ROCKSOLAR portable power station every three month to ensure the optimal battery life of your power station.

What are the electronics devices you can use ROCKSOLAR portable power station to power?

ROCKSOLAR portable power stations are designed to provide electricity to your electronic devices when the conventional A/C electricity supply is not available. As a backup power supply or portable power generator, ROCKSOLAR’s portable power solar generator can power most of your electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, ebook, tablets, cpaps, LCD tvs, wifi routers, printers, scanners, cameras, drones, air pumps, heating blankets, wheel chairs, etc,. Some home appliance such as coffee machine, toasters, air con, air fryers, micro-wave ovens may require more power ROCKSOLAR portable power station can supply. Please check the power requirements of your home appliances before you use your ROCKSOLAR portable battery power station to power them as some home appliances may require a lot more power than you think.

If you intend to power most of your home appliances and go off grid completely, please check out ROCKSOLAR solar power home system. 

How do you use a portable power station?

ROCKSOLAR’s solar panel generator is very easy to use. it has a plug and play design. You can charge ROCKSOLAR solar portable power station with ROCKSOLAR’s solar panels, your car cigarette adaptor, A/C outlets on your wall. You can also use it to charge your electronic devices when you are charging it at the same time. You just simply plug your devices to ROCKSOLAR portable power station’s designated power outlets and turn the switch on, then you get the power. Please make sure you turn the switch off after you finish using it.
We do recommend that you pair our portable battery powered generator with our foldable solar panels. ROCKSOLAR portable power stations and ROCKSOLAR foldable solar panels do make a great solar portable power generator together to provide you with endless power from sun. 

Portable Power Station for Camping

Campers and other outdoor enthusiasts increasingly use battery powered generator. The real benefit of these devices is their capacity to charge many devices simultaneously, which is not achievable with a conventional solar panel. Massive batteries make up portable solar generators, which can store energy and release it as needed. To charge several devices at once, they often contain multiple USB ports. Using portable power stations is the simplest method to keep your electronics charged while hiking or camping. 

Portable Power Station for Hiking

Portable power stations are today's most cutting-edge, efficient, and mobile charging devices. For hikers, they're an excellent choice. In its most basic form, a portable solar power generator  is a surge protector that may be used to recharge various electrical devices. They differ in size and shape, yet they all appear the same and perform the same job. A portable power station for hiking is a gadget you may put in your backpack or carry on your back. It is a valuable tool for hikers since it enables them to charge their electronics while away from civilization. This issue often arises when hikers pass through dark, off-the-grid places at night without access to power or cell phone service. By supplying energy for several phones or tablets at once, battery operated generators might aid in resolving this issue. 

Portable Power Station for Traveling

It is difficult to recall a period before smartphones we had no access to. It isn't easy to fathom living without a phone because it is convenient to have one with you at all times. However, when you are away from home or on vacation, and there is no power source, it may be unpleasant when your battery runs out, and you cannot use the phone or the internet. You need solar power stations to ensure you never run out of batteries again. These helpful gadgets are small enough to fit in your luggage yet strong enough to charge all your mobile devices simultaneously. Several sorts are available, and you may choose the one that best meets your requirements and price range by choosing from various sizes and designs. One advantage of having a battery powered generators is the ability to charge many devices simultaneously. They come with several adapters so that they may be used all around the globe. They are portable and light for you to take everywhere. 

Portable Power Station for Emergencies

A solar portable power station is a fundamental thing to have in a crisis. Whether you need to be ready for a blackout or need to keep your gadgets energized while on a long excursion, this is a perfect item for you, they are not difficult to utilize, store, and transport and come in different sizes and limits. A portable power station solar is a battery-worked gadget that gives the constant capacity to electronic gadgets when no air conditioner power source is accessible. Convenient power stations are utilized in vehicles, boats, RVs, or even at home during crises like typhoons or cyclones. They can charge mobile phones, PCs, and other gadgets that require AC power. 


Thank you for reading this blog! With the utilization of power in our everyday existence, we search for where we can re-energize our virtual gadgets. In this manner, it is fundamental to have a portable power station that is an energy source, fits in a bag, offers considerable flexibility, and can be utilized in practically any area. Most portable power stations are lightweight, sans oil, and portable, with some ready to at the same time, energize electronic gadgets.