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What is the Best Portable Solar Panel for Me?

Figuring out which portable solar panel is the best fit for you depends on several factors and we have narrowed down those factors to 3 main ones that will help find the one that best fits your needs. 

1. How many devices will you be powering? 

If you are powering only a few devices such as a phone, tablet and a laptop then a smaller 30W panel is suited for your needs, but if you are powering more than a few devices than a larger panel would be a better option. 

2. What kind of devices will you be powering? 

If the devices you are powering are small portable electronics that require a USB A or USB C and are only a few then a smaller panel has enough ports to fit your needs, however, if you are going to power larger devices such as a power generator then you would require a panel with the correct ports such as an MC4 output. 

3. How much power do the devices that you want to power require? 

Determining the amount of power that your devices require is very important when looking at a portable solar panel since a couple of small portable electronics such as a phone or a tablet can easily be powered with a 30w panel but trying to power a large portable power station would require a higher wattage of either 60W or 100W depending on the size of the power station. 


Here is a fill list of the solar panels that we currently offer.