ROCKSOLAR was founded in the United States of America by a group of battery engineers. The crew later established the R&D Center, Industrial Design Center, Quality Control Center, and has been cooperating with manufacturing bases in China. ROCKSOLAR provides professional Portable Power Station solutions and system services for end-users. The crew's expertise is in BMS (Battery Management System) design for the Lithium battery pack and DC to AC inverter technologies.

ROCKSOLAR was created in response to the demand for off-grid power sources everywhere and the massive scale of the camping market, outdoor activities, and emergency/natural disaster events. Led by our experienced crew, ROCKSOLAR and was officially founded and registered in 2017. The products are equipped with the latest innovations to provide tough design, elevated performance, exceptional quality, and noiseless, fumeless portable power stations. Where there’s sun, there’s infinite power you can collect, store, and use.
To provide portable power solutions to a global audience. Developed by a team of battery engineers, ROCKSOLAR is equipped with the latest innovations and provides tough design, elevated performance, exceptional quality, fumeless, and noiseless portable power stations.

To be a pillar of the portable power industry. Being an outstanding product means providing continual innovation, advanced performance, and dependable customer service so that customers can rely on us wherever they need power.

Fueled by the insatiable demand for off-grid power sources, ROCKSOLAR’s core brand values are innovation, performance, and dependable customer service.