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How to use portable solar panels

How to use portable solar panels


What are portable solar panels? 

The energy from the sun is transformed into power by a portable solar panel. Portable solar panels transform sunlight into electrical energy which then can be used to charge devices such as phones or laptops and can be used to charge a portable power station which is capable of powering a wide array of devices and certain appliances. The ROCKSOLAR portable solar panels are equipped with USB ports to charge your devices directly from the panel itself while it is converting the sun's rays into electricity.  

Uses of Portable Solar Panels 

  • Camping, hiking and off-grid use 
  • If you enjoy the great outdoors, like going on extended camping trips, long hikes or have another use for off-grid power, then ROCKSOLAR can help. A portable solar panel can keep your portable devices powered thanks to its lightweight design, ability to fold into roughly the size of a laptop and being able to adjust the angle of the panels so that you can maximize the amount of sunlight the panel gets.  
  • Backup power source  
  • In the event that your power goes off and you need a backup power source you can use a ROCKSOLAR portable solar panel to help generate electricity. Power your portable devices with the option to use the solar panels to charge a ROCKSOLAR portable power station which can store that electricity for future use.  

The ROCKSOLAR Difference 

Choosing to purchase a ROCKSOLAR portable solar panel is an excellent choice since the panels come a variety of outputs ranging from 30 watts, 60 watts to 100 watts. The panels are also lightweight and can fold into roughly the size of a laptop making the storing and transporting of them very easy. Plus, our solar panels have a DC 12v output and multiple USB outputs, including USB QC 3.0 and USB-C PD 60W and are designed to use sunlight to recharge ROCKSOLAR portable power stations as well as other devices directly. 

You can tilt the portable solar panel from 0 to 180 degrees with its adjustable kickstand design to gain 20% higher sunlight efficiency. They work in cold, heavy rain and even when there is a lot of cloud cover, ROCKSOLAR solar panels can still provide up to 20–30% of their rated power thanks to ultra-high-efficiency solar cells. To learn more about our solar panels and to pick one up click HERE.  


The development of portable solar power is one of the most intriguing technologies of recent years. One of the many ways you can put them to use is to provide electricity when you are out camping, in an off-grid setting or as a backup power source.  

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