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Use of ROCKSOLAR Power Station for BBQ

Dylan Pedro |

With the weather getting warmer and COVID restrictions getting lighter, it's time to head outdoors with ROCKSOLAR power stations! Be prepared for camping season with our compact 2lb Weekender or bring out the barbecue with the ROCKSOLAR Nomad. Any activity, anywhere, anytime, we’ve got you covered! 




ROCKSOLAR is an American-based company that specializes in providing end-users with professional portable power solutions and system services. Equipped with the latest innovations, elevated performance, excellent quality, ROCKSOLAR was born out of a need for off-grid power sources around the world and aspires to provide portable power solutions to a global audience. “Fueled by the insatiable demand for off-grid power sources, ROCKSOLAR’s core brand values are innovation, performance, and dependable customer service”. 

Now you may ask, “What is so great about Lithium Portable Power Stations?”. Lithium power stations have 6 key features as compared to the more traditional lead acid weight; has lighter weight, higher electrical efficiency, longer working life, constant voltage, faster recharge, and eco-friendly. The Lithium battery wins hands down when it comes to weight. As compared in run time/capacity to a lead-acid battery bank, it is typically half to one-third lighter. The lithium battery also has a substantially higher electrical efficiency. This means that a lithium battery will charge more quickly and efficiently than a lead-acid battery. 

Calculated in terms of cents per charge cycle, the actual cost of ownership is considerably cheaper than lead-acid batteries. Even the voltage continues to drop over time for a lead-acid battery as the internal circuit within the battery will self-discharge and eventually shut down its minimum operating voltage. Whereas, in lithium, battery voltage tends not to drop under load until the battery is almost depleted. With lithium batteries, you can expect to spend much less time recharging. Lastly, Lithium batteries are the most environmentally friendly and safest batteries available. Internally, they don't have any caustic sulfuric acid or hazardous heavy metals like lead or cadmium, which can be harmful to the environment if they leak as compared to lead-acid batteries. 

March’s featured power station of the month is our light and diminutive Weekender. The ROCKSOLAR Weekender is an 80W and 88Wh battery capacity, lithium battery portable solar generator, that includes; a LED flashlight, multiple plug and play, a wide range of outlets, and a large capacity battery. Weighting simply 2lbs, the multi-function generator carries 110V, is fast rechargeable, and is the best outdoor green solution. 

Now that the restrictions are loosening and the weathers getting warmer, it's time to take out your barbeque and throw a party with a ROCKSOLAR power station at your side! With their compact storage, long lasting battery and assortment of plugs, you will have enough power for all your appliances throughout the whole night! Invest in a ROCKSOLAR power station and kick off the spring season with the most epic party you’ve ever had!

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