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The Dos and Don'ts of Maintaining Your Portable Power Stations from ROCKSOLAR

portable power station

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After using your portable power station from ROCKSOLAR it can become dirty and need to be cleaned. This quick guide will help you to keep your power station portable nice and clean so that it is are ready for use on your next adventure. 

The dos of maintaining your ROCKSOLAR portable power station 

When storing your power station try to keep it away from the extreme heat and extreme cold. 

If you are going to clean your power station portable then the first thing that should be done is disconnect all devices and turn it off, then you can use a dry microfiber cloth to remove any fingerprints or dust, at most a very lightly damp cloth can be used to remove tougher stains but be careful around exposed electrical outlets.  

The don’ts of maintaining your ROCKSOLAR portable power station 

  • Do not get the device wet in areas that can cause damage 
  • Do not soak the device 
  • Do not get the exposed outlets wet 
  • Do not store in spaces with extreme heat or cold  

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