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A Guide to Black Friday for Portable Power Stations

ROCKSOLAR is excited to provide you with great deals on portable power stations, solar panels, and more. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ROCKSOLAR will be providing up to 25% off select items! Whether you’re a seasoned camper looking for a portable power station or trying to reduce your carbon footprint, we have all the gadgets you’ll ever need.

When is Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022?

On Black Friday, which occurs on November 25th, we will be offering 25% off select items. On Cyber Monday, which occurs on November 28th, we will also be offering 20% off. 

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday shopping is often done in-store, which is why we also get to enjoy cyber Monday. However, ROCKSOLAR will be offering 25% off on Black Friday weekend store wide on the website. With bricks and mortar retailers, you’ll often see advertisements of “rock bottom prices”, “doorbusters”, or deals on seasonal items. We are going to be offering an overall discount on all of our best selling devices.

Cyber Monday Deals

As mentioned, cyber monday is for those who prefer online shopping - and you’re in luck with ROCKSOLAR. Our website will be live with 20% off must-have generator kits, lights, solar panels, and power stations - and you can purchase any of these hot commodities from the comfort of your own home. 

What is ROCKSOLAR Offering?

ROCKSOLAR is offering you 20% off all portable power stations, portable solar generator kits, portable solar panels, and outdoor LED lights. This time of year is especially great to invest in a power station or generator kit, as winter blizzards mean you need a reliable source of backup power. If you’re thinking ahead to the warmer months, take advantage of these amazing deals by buying LED lights for your backyard campfires, or portable solar panels to stay charged and connected on your next summer road trip.

Portable Power Stations

ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Stations have high-quality lithium batteries and are the ideal choice for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnics, RVs, ATV & motorcycle Trips, fishing, outdoor adventures, construction sites, off-grid projects, emergency power and so much more! 

Whether you need a smaller portable power station like the 80W Weekender to charge your phone or laptop while on a road trip, or something to power bigger jobs like the 400W Nomad, ROCKSOLAR has you covered. 

Ease of use, portability, and being perfect for camping outdoors or saving you in an emergency are just some of the benefits of a ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Station.

Portable Solar Generator Kits

A portable solar generator kit is an eco-friendly, lightweight option that will save you in times of need, either as a compact option at home or as a power source on outdoor trips.

A portable solar generator kit from ROCKSOLAR combines portable solar panels, battery, battery charger, and inverter. A solar generator lacks any moving parts, as they are typically composed of those four elements. Solar generators have 12-volt sockets, AC outlets, and USB ports to allow for charging of multiple devices.

With ROCKSOLAR portable solar generators, you enjoy renewable energy, low maintenance, and a fuel-free way to stay connected.

Portable Solar Panels

ROCKSOLAR portable solar panels are lightweight, powerful, easy to carry, and easy to use. With their high efficiency, low impact on the environment, and long lifespan, solar power can be stored in your power system to keep anything and everything charged and ready to go. Never worry again during emergencies or when you’re in the middle of nowhere - which ROCKSOLAR portable solar panels, you’ll always stay connected and powered up.

With ROCKSOLAR portable solar panels, you know you’re choosing high efficiency and wattage along with lightweight portability all from a trustworthy brand. Save the planet and charge your devices all at once!

Outdoor LED Lights

Shop ROCKSOLAR Portable Lights! These portable floodlights are easy to use, lightweight and portable. Great to use for photography, camping and night fishing.

ROCKSOLAR provides you the choice of an LED light bulb for camping, outdoor adventures, emergencies, or jazzing up any room in your house, in addition to portable floodlights for photography, night adventures, construction sites, sports, and camping. 

About ROCKSOLAR Power Stations

ROCKSOLAR was created in response to the demand for off-grid power sources everywhere and the massive scale of the camping market, outdoor activities, and emergency/natural disaster events. ROCKSOLAR products are equipped with the latest innovations to provide tough design, elevated performance, exceptional quality, and noiseless, fumeless portable power stations. Where there’s sun, there’s infinite power you can collect, store, and use.

If you’re interested in making a great investment and taking advantage of 20% off this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shop quality devices at ROCKSOLAR