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ROCKSOLAR Holiday Gift Guide

ROCKSOLAR Holiday Gift Guide

Alex Boki |

With the holiday season fast approaching we here at ROCKSOLAR have created a short gift guide to help you decide which gifts you will be giving this holiday season. 

For the person that is always on the go traveling from one place to another we recommend the ROCKSOLAR Weekender portable power station because it is lightweight, powerful and will not take up too much space. The Weekender has an 80-watt output, plenty of ports, and has a capacity of 24,000 mAh.   

For someone that is more of a power user who likes to use portable power tools that use batteries, have a remote workspace, and power a wider range of devices that require more power we recommend the ROCKSOLAR Adventurer or the ROCKSOLAR Ready. They both have capacities of 60,000 mAh while the Ready has a higher output of 200 watts compared to 80 watts. Both are excellent for powering your laptop, phone, tablets and more whilst being easy to bring with you. 

For the outdoors person that likes to go out camping or go on a RV trip we recommend a ROCKSOLAR portable solar generator kit so that they can rest assured that while they are out on their next adventure, they have their portable power needs met. Our portable solar generator kits include a ROCKSOLAR portable power station and a ROCKSOLAR portable solar panel. When picking which solar generator we recommend a portable power station that is of a large output such as the ROCKSOLAR Utility or Nomad would be a great fit as it has a higher output while the portable solar panel helps keep the portable power station charged up and ready to go for when it is needed.    

To explore our full range of portable power solutions, click HERE. 

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