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Dylan Pedro |

Before you go camping, or should I say glamping this summer heres a list of some essentials: 


1. A ROCKSOLAR Power Station

Whether your camping or glamping this summer. The thing you'll need most is a power source, whether it be just to power your devices or to keep food cold, a portable power station is needed. The best option is the ROCKSOLAR Nomad. With its massive 400W and 600W peak wattage, you can power a variety of products including a laptop or an electric cooler.

 2. Electric Cooler

Throughout those long hot summer days it essential to be able to cool down with a cold drink. The best way to ensure those drinks are cool throughout your whole trip is to use an electric cooler. 

 3. First Aid Kit

Its always good to stay on the safe side and have first aid kit ready and easy to access. As you never know what can happen when your out in the wilderness.

4.  Sun Screen

Another essential for camping, especially for those summer months is sun screen. With those long summer days you'll need to protect your screen, its paramount to do so as not wearing sunscreen can make you more at risk to skin cancer.

5. ROCKSOLAR Solar Panel

Another way to make everything you need is powered up is with a ROCKSOLAR Solar Panel. Its the best way to power your ROCKSOLAR portable power station. So you can power your devices even longer by charging up your power station.

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