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How long does a portable power station last?

How long does a portable power station last?

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Do you know what a power station is? 

It's a device that uses a rechargeable battery to power other gadgets. They can be large enough for backup at home or tiny enough to take camping. They usually have a mix of AC (wall) outlets, USB outlets, and other, less frequent types of outlets. What distinguishes them from other energy storage devices is that they combine great capacity with portability.

What is the difference between a portable power station and a generator?

Portable generators transform various energies from various power sources into electrical energy. These generators are powered by a water or steam turbine, a diesel engine, and other supporting machinery to transform energy provided by various sources such as water flow, gas flow, fuel combustion, or even nuclear fission. This mechanical energy is transferred to the inverter generator and turned into electric energy, making them extremely handy during a power outage.

They have a wide variety of output power ranging from 1000 watts to over 20,000 watts. Their highest energy output is restricted primarily by engine displacement. However, the higher the power, the larger it will be. 

This leads to it consuming more fuel, making more noise, and being significantly less portable. Some of the most powerful portable generators, capable of producing more than 10 kW of electricity, are incredibly difficult to move around. They may even require the use of wheeled carts to move around.

On the other hand, portable power stations, also known as battery-powered inverter generators or gasless generators, are rechargeable battery-powered sources of electric power large enough to run your house or RV while camping. They have a combination of home AC outlets and USB ports for connecting and powering other devices. One of the primary advantages of these power sources is that they deliver both high power and portability. 

They typically offer energy up to 1000 W. However, some variations provide far more power, but their portability is significantly reduced, making them unsuitable for road trips.

Here’s a chart highlighting the main differences between the two.


Portable Generator

Portable Power Station

Power Generation

Creates Electric Power

Stores Electric Power

Fire Hazard



Noise Emission




Outdoor Only

Indoor and Outdoor


As Long As Fuel Is Available 

A Limited Amount Of Time



Not Required





Has To Be Inverter Supported For Sensitive Devices 

Compatible With All Devices

How long does a portable power station last?

The amount of time you’ll be able to use your portable power station depends on many factors.

The average portable power station can last three to thirteen hours on a fully charged battery. The longevity of a battery is determined by its age, kind of battery, size, and the number of gadgets utilized with the power station.

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Hi Glenda, thanks for your question. Well, it all depends on wattage of the fan you have. Generally, large fans uses about 75 watts per hour. So all our portable power stations will be able to run your. The higher the wattage of the Portable Power Station the longer you can run the fan. We strongly recommend you to try our READY 200W 222WH PORTABLE POWER STATION, WEEKENDER MAX PRO 250W 277.5 WH PORTABLE POWER STATION, UTILITY 300W 333WH PORTABLE POWER STATION or NOMAD 400W 444WH PORTABLE POWER STATION

I hope to have answered your question.

Thank you


What type of generator should I purchase if I want to use a large fan?

La Glenda Reed,

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