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The Best Portable Power Station

Jason Pomeroy |

ROCKSOLAR is the leader in Portable Power Stations.

With a variety of 6 Portable Power Stations and a selection of Portable Solar Panels, ROCKSOLAR has your portable power covered!

This blogs feature Power Station is the ROCKSOLAR Nomad, the all in one Power Station with the best key features; 

  • The ROCKSOLAR Nomad is a Lithium-ion Polymer battery that is meant to deliver more power for longer periods. This consistent power option is ideal for larger operations, longer trips, and emergency power outages. RVs, mobile houses, camping, boats, van living, and off-grid sustainability are all great options.
  • With 3*AC 110V Pure Sine Wave outputs capable of 400W peak 600W power outputs, 2*DC (9-12.6V/ 15A max) power output ports, and 3*USB (5-9V/ 2.1A) Quick Charge 3.0 output ports, our portable power supply station has a life cycle of 1000+ hours.
  • Our Solar Generator has an advanced battery management system (BMS) built-in that protects you and your equipment from overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating while providing clean power just like at home. No fuel or gasoline is required, and the Generator is fume-free, noise-free, and clang-free.
  • Our Portable Power Station is only 11 pounds and can be recharged in three ways: in the sun with ROCKSOLAR 60W or 100W Solar Panels (SOLD SEPARATELY), from an AC Wall Outlet (100v-240v) within 8 hours (charging cable included), or on-the-go with ROCKSOLAR 60W or 100W Solar Panels (SOLD SEPARATELY).

The Nomad is a high-capacity, lightweight Portable Power Station that's ideal for road trips and storage in your car or trailer. 

It serves as a solid backup power source in the event of a power outage. A tiny fridge will keep your food cold on a camping vacation. 

Its USB-powered CPAP may be charged for 18 hours, and a CPAP for 5-6 hours. Lift jacks, air pumps or inflators, vacuums, and other automotive accessories can also be used with car kits. 

Vendor stalls and outdoor market booths can also be powered. It's also ideal for a remote workstation because it can charge your phone for up to 24 hours and a laptop for up to 6 hours.

Shop for a ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Station or learn more information and technical specs here!

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